A parent or teacher ponders how to increase the financial intelligence of a student(s)?

Look no further, because Future Investor Clubs of America provides the answer. All FICA Brands are carefully and professional designed by experience education and industry professionals. Each product or service provides access to high quality training camps, e-learning, news, instructors and other resources to help students learn worldwide. FICA’s leadership believes that business and financial intelligence training, help students perform better in the classroom.

All of our training Brands incorporate Department of Education Standards for Mathematics, Reading and Writing. In addition, we also believe that financially intelligent students are better equipped to make the connection between the classroom and real life skills they will need to become financially successful.

FICA subscribers learn through our multiple platforms, such as: curriculum materials, computer software programs, online internet e-learning applications and more. In addition, our face to face camps, events, field trips, instructors training and workshops combined all helps to increase students critical thinking skills and analytical techniques. Simply put, each of FICA Brands provides comprehensive training applications designed to enhance the learning process. Our Brands provides educators and students with numerous resouces in the following:

• Banking
• Books
• Camps
• Clubs
• e-Learning
• Entrepreneurship
• Field Trips
• Foundation
• Investing
• Instructors
• Introductory Wall Street Kickoff
• Leaders
• Math
• News
• Planning
• Radio
• Software
• Store
• Training
• Trading
• Television
• Tool Box, Kit & Pack
• Young Investors

The company also oversees FICAConnect the gateway for registering for Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. camps, e-learning, events, workshops and more!



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