The Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. adheres to the philosophy, that "Becoming Wealthy Takes Practice!" Professional athletes in major sports, begin harnessing their skills at a very young age by practicing their sport. FICA believes that as in sports in order for a person to become successful financially, it is important, that he or she begin learning and practicing wealth strategies at the youngest age possible.

Therefore, FICA has developed what we believe are four of the most important components of any financial and business intelligence training system. They are: Level One, Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT); Level Two, Advance Financial Intelligence Training (AFIT); Level Three, Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT); and Level Four, International Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT) . Each training system is outlined in more detail below.

The FICA Financial & Business Intelligence Training System also incorporates the three main important educational components of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. In addition, students learn the importance of Finance, Business, Economics, Charts, Graphs, Teamwork, Social and Leadership Skills.

Participants attending FICA Business and Financial Intelligence Training programs leave with an understanding of real life skills and just how the world of finance/ business works. In order to help make the overall experience of learning about the world of finance and business fun, exciting and informative. Each of FICA's four training systems have been carefully designed as part of our Special Training Programs, Summer Camps, Financial Leadership Training and Tours. FICA Individual Members, Clubs, Chapters and Centers are advised to select only the FICA Financial and Business Intelligence Training System that best fits the educational development of the participating student(s).

Level One, Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT) is an excellent introductory training system for Students ages 8-19. Level Two, Advance Financial Intelligence Training (AFIT) is for more advanced students with basic financial or business training or for those individuals that have completed BFIT. Level Three, Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT) is an executive training system designed for students possessing basic and advance training and or who have completed BFIT or AFIT. Level four International Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT) provides our students informative global business and economics training applications combined with international travel opportunities. Finally, Level five, Leadership Financial Intelligence Training (LFIT) is designed to prepare students to have a broad knowledge in the field of leadership training and corporate development.



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