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FICA Club Leaders (FICACL) must be age 21 or older, complete the CL application and be officially registered as a member. The FICA's training system for Leaders is provided in five ways. First, each CL is required to learn the FICA Club Leaders Guide, Special Events and Training Programs, Online E-Learning and Media Network. Secondly each CL's are required to learn the FICA student recruitment and program registration process. Thirdly our FICA Leaders is required to learn to provide students with our basic financial intelligence training curriculum. Fourthly our FICA Leaders are required to learn the program fundraising and sponsorship development process. Finally each CL is encouraged to attend local, regional and national workshops, camp and or conference events. Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc., Volunteer Leaders, that are successful at providing students the opportunity to participate in our programs shall receive Awards, Certificates, Event Scholarships, Recognition in Press Releases and more! To learn more or to apply to become a FICA Volunteer Leader contact us at

FICA Consulting Representatives

Have you ever imagined a business that is designed to be an excellent way will fit your calendar, pay your bills, achieve your dreams and provide for your family? Just imagine living life on your own terms! Flexibility ... Family ... Friends ... Fun ... Financial Freedom. Discover more about how Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc.'s business opportunity can help you achieve any or all of those dreams. Zig Ziglar the famous motivation speaker says "if you help enough people get what they want, you can end up getting what you want.“ As an independent Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. Affiliate Representative, you'll enjoy the freedom of designing your own schedule, according to your daily activities. Need a more flexible schedule to be there when your family needs you the most? Not a problem. Want to enhance your current income by investing a few hours a week? No problem. Ready to give it 100% of your free time from the beginning? Excellent for you! No matter how much time you invest, you're in control of your FICA business! There are many ways to Achieve Success.


Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. is seeking qualified interns to join our sales and marketing/advertising team to help support our corporate expansion efforts in markets worldwide. FICA has a long history of providing financial education, e-learning, software, camps, news and workshops. FICA provides internship sales and marketing, e-learning, news, financial analytics, basic, advance, executive, leadership and international training opportunities to high school students and college under-graduate levels.



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