Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers TM

All Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. summer camp instructors are Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers(CFIT) having completed our training programs.

Helping the dreams of our students/members become a reality is the primary goal of every FICA Instructor, Leader and Representative. Providing the best curriculum and training is exactly what we do. The FICA training system for Instructors is provided in three ways. First each must annually attend classroom training. Secondly, our Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers (CFIT) instructors, leaders and trainers are all encouraged to attend actual Financial Whiz Kids Challenge or Young Investors Wall St. Street Summer Programs prior to assignment to observe exactly how the FICA Programs are delivered.

Finally the CFIT Instructors Trainng Academy is designed to be a comprehensive continuing education training program. CFIT's are required to annually attend an 8 hour/one day training session for udates and to review new training strategies/curriculum. During the CFIT Instructors Academy, Instructors are provided with the skills needed to introduce youth to the world of financial markets in a fun and exciting way! Cost for the CFIT Instructors Academy is separate from the fees for a FICA Club, Chapter or Center.

Certified Financial Intelligence Trainers TM

Instructors/Teachers/Leaders Learn To:

. . . teach how investments work
. . . show students different ways to save
. . . explain ways to earn extra money
. . . teach students the benefits of Team Work
. . . connect finance & business with real life skills

ONLINE TRAINING Instructors/Teachers Also Learn To:

. . . help students create a winning American Dream Plan
. . . teach how to analyze Market Trends
. . . show the elements of Fundamental & Technical Analysis
. . . teach Financial and Investment Terms
. . . research Top Financial Publications
. . . design in class portfolio projects
. . . get students excited about Financial Competitions
. . . have students participate in stock market games
. . . teach goal setting and leadership skills
. . . explain The Five Laws of Gold
. . . teach Ten Commandments of Success
. . . explain the Thirteen Steps Toward Riches



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