International (IFIT)


The FICA International Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT) system is designed to be a international finance education training curriculum. The FICA International Financial Intelligence Training, combines international business, finance, leadership education and tours to provide members the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the BFIT, AFIT & EFIT training curriculums. FICA's Individual Members, Clubs, Chapters & Centers are all encouraged to include one or more of the IFIT curriculums as an integral component of their training strategy.

FICA's training program has three main objectives, they are to: Expose members to financial markets throughout the world; Provide members additional business, financial and leadership training needed to help members succeed. Provide a fun, exciting and informative environment that makes each IFIT program a positive learning and memorable experience. IFIT programs are carefully designed to provide an international business, finance and leadership learning experience.

The FICA International Business and Finance Training Kit is the actual IFIT curriculum. Students who choose to complete the FICA International Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT) program are introduced to several subject areas designed to prepare them to have a broad knowledge in the field of international business, finance and leadership. IFIT students carefully plan their career and international dream life, including the importance of studying abroad and internships. Students explore, Worldwide Stock and Commodity Exchanges, International Investment Markets, Global Investment Strategies, Foreign Currency Trading, International Business and Financial Management.

In addition students learn about the world of International Trade, Population, Environment, Comparative Economic Systems, International Finance, International Financial Management, International Trade Operations, International Marketing, Managing Cultural Diversity and Supply Chain Management. In addition students are introduced to the importance of learning Foreign Languages. The IFIT training system and financial field trips is designed to be completed in 40-80 hours depending on the level of students. Each student is required to take and pass the IFIT competency examination in order to receive a FICA Certificate of Completion.



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