Winning On Wall Street Introductory Kickoff TM

Winning On Wall Street Kickoffs, Financial Training has never been this much fun!

Learning about the world money has never been this much fun! This half-day introductory FICA Winning On Wall St Kickoff. event is as the kids say "IT'S ALL GOOD." Presented in a "Pep Rally" type atmosphere this program has students literally coming to their feet with excitement! Students are introduced to basic financial life skills, personal money management and financial markets in a way that helps them understand the need for better Math, Reading and Writing skills!

Students explore the importance of saving and investing! In addition Future Investors leave with their own America Dream Plan. As with all FICA training programs this program is presented using superior interactive training strategies to enhance the learning process, including charts and graphs that keep young people wanting to learn more. The kids love it and the educators do as well.

Future Investor Clubs of America's Winning On Wall Street (WOWS) Kickoffs events are designed to be exciting, fun & informative training events held throughout the USA. WOWS Kickoff events are projected to annually train 250,000 educators, elementary, middle, high school & college students on the campuses of America’s colleges & universities. Don't miss it. Register today!



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