Future Investor Clubs Leader

FICA Volunteer Club Leaders (VCL) must be age 21 or older, complete the VCL application and be officially registered as a member.

The FICA's training system for Leaders is provided in five ways. First, each CL is required to learn the FICA Club Leaders Guide, Special Events and Training Programs, Online E-Learning and Media Network. Secondly each CL's are required to learn the FICA student recruitment and program registration process. Thirdly our FICA Leaders is required to learn to provide students with our basic financial intelligence training curriculum.

Fourthly our FICA Leaders are required to learn the program fundraising and sponsorship development process. Finally each CL is encouraged to attend local, regional and national workshops, camp and or conference events. Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc., Club Leaders, that are successful at providing students the opportunity to participate in our programs shall receive Awards, Certificates, Event Scholarships, Recognition in Press Releases and more!

FICA Club Leaders Learn To:

.... Become a Successful Volunteer Club Leader
.... Get Students Excited About FICA Club
.... Recruite Club Member Students
.... Register Students for Events
.... Register Students for Training Programs
.... Host Challenges & Competitions
.... Start A Guest Speakers Program
.... Signup Program Sponsors
.... Schedule Financial Field Trips
.... Fundraise For A FICA Club Program

Requirements:All FICA Club Leaders must recruite 10 registered member students, a school or organization to register for a FICA e-School Online e-Learning and or a FICA Special Training Program by paying the appropriate registration fee(s).

ONLINE TRAINING FICA Volunteer Club Leaders Also Learn To:

.... help students acheive their American Dream
.... provide students with comprehensive financial training opportunities
.... show students how to work together as a team
.... teach students the importance of business and finance
.... establish youth leaders within the club
.... help students design in club media projects
.... get students excited about financial competitions
.... have students participate in writing contest
.... teach goal setting and leadership skills
.... explain The Five Laws of Gold
.... have students learn the Ten Commandments of Success
.... get students interested in attending FICA Regional Summer Camps



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