Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. is dedicated to Training Tomorrow's Investors Today℠. Therefore, we are committed to providing only the best, comprehensive and superior training applications to students ages 8-19.

The US Department of Labor released statistics showing that 30% to 50% of young people leave school today without the knowledge of skills required to find and hold a good job. At the same time, over 50% of US employers report they cannot find qualified applicants for their most basic entry-level positions. Sadly, 90% of our students rate their knowledge of investments and business as poor to fair. Nearly 85% report they have been taught only "a little about" or practically nothing about how investments work. Most would like more training. In a recent survey by Phoenix Mutual Home Life Insurance Company, 75% of students think schools should teach students how to manage their money! Many parents are requesting Elementary, Middle and High Schools get involved in financial intelligence training.

In America today, adolescents are facing some of the nation's worst problems. More than one out of every five children between the ages of 5 and 19 are living below the poverty level. The level of youth of African America heritage dropping out and never completing school is 29% and 25% for those of Hispanic heritage. There are over 14 million children living in poverty in the United States. For every year that 14 million American children continue to experience poverty, their lifetime contribution to the economy will decline by an estimated $130 billion because poor children grow up to be less educated and less productive workers. The US Dept. of Social Security reports that 94% of Americans regardless of race retiring at age 65 are dependent on receiving their social security retirement benefit just to pay basic household expenses. The wealth of communities and the United States is at risk.

Future Investors Club of America is dedicated to providing youth ages 8-19 the opportunity to get business and financial intelligence training at the earliest possible age. Public/Private Schools, Economic Development Corporations, Religious and Youth Groups have played such an important role in the education and development of the lives of youth in America. Therefore the Future Investors Club of America is committed to partnering with such groups in an effort to make sure that all youth regardless of race are exposed to financial and business intelligence training programs.

The FICA Club, Chapter and After School Programs are designed to allow for collaborative efforts in training, competitions, travel and funding grants. Program participants, will have the opportunity to learn a variety of important financial and business systems, designed to motivate youth to stay in school and to excel in the classroom. Besides teaching participants about finance and business, FICA is designed to provide long-term basic and advance training programs. There are three main levels to the FICA training system they include the Young Investors Club, Young Analyst Club and Young Executives Club. FICA programs are conducted during school hours, after school and Saturdays. In addition, FICA conducts summer camps, field trips and national tours all designed to enhance the learning process. We would like to invite you to get youth under your direction involved in this excellent educational opportunity.



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