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Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc.’s five level training system and special programs provides an excellent college preparatory training program for students considering studying business and finance at the collegiate level. Student participants must be between the ages of 8-19 except for first year collegians, instructors, teachers and those nominated to participate in the FICA World International Business, Finance and Leadership Conference. Students attending the FICA business, executive, financial, investors, leadership, international training programs and or other events must be a registered member. As an FICA member each person will be provided the opportunity to attend comprehensive financial intelligence training programs to be held at locations throughout America and financial centers around the world.

FICA Members have the opportunity to visit national/international educational institutions, financial markets, major corporations, stock and commodity exchanges. In addition, As a FICA member, students are provided with the opportunity complete superior financial training applications in a classroom setting and visit some of the world’s top financial institutions such as: the China Stock Exchange (Shanghai Stock Exchange); Johannesburg Stock Exchange; London Stock Exchange; New York Stock Exchange; Tokyo Stock Exchange and more.

Training Requirements: Students must complete in order, FICA Basic Financial Intelligence Training, Advance Financial Intelligence Training, Executive Financial Intelligence Training, Leadership Financial Intelligence Training and International Financial Intelligence Training respectively. Consideration may be given to students attending our events that can provide documentation that they have completed similar training program satisfactorily. Completion of a FICA examination may also be required.

FICA students must have a training competency rating of 90% or higher to advance to another training program. Students must have satisfactory behavior during their FICA training and while attending regular school. FICA's leadership believes that all youth should begin learning about finance and business at the earliest age possible. If you agree, then join us by getting youth under your leadership involved in this exciting and comprehensive educational opportunity so that we may continue "Training Tomorrow's Investors Today." Register Today!



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