Special Training Events and Programs

FICA Individual Members, Clubs, Chapters and Center affiliates can choose to participate in one or more of the FICA Special Training Programs being held throughout the year including the following: the FICA E-Clubs Training Network, Winning on Wall St. Kickoff "Financial Pep Rally", Financial Whiz Kids Challenge & Competition, Young Investors Club, Young Analyst Club, Young Executives Club, and the FICA Financial Leadership Training Tours. Each training system is designed to provide superior financial intelligence training that incorporates Department of Education standards for Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The FICA development strategy entails establishing Clubs, Chapters & Centers in cooperation with elementary, middle, and high schools.

Our strategy also includes youth groups, magnet and charter schools. FICA instructors are licensed professionals and or teachers who have been trained to present the FICA curriculum in a fun and exciting way. FICA's leadership believes that all youth should begin learning about finance and business at the earliest age possible. If you agree, then join us by getting youth under your leadership involved in this exciting and comprehensive educational opportunity so that we may continue "Training Tomorrow's Investors Today."

Saving Cents Is Common Sense (SCCS). This initiative is designed to impact the lives of millions of Americans. Our SCCS national financial intelligence education initiative that consists of numerous comprehensive and interactive curriculums, online e-learning activities, radio shows, television programs, print publications, media events and community outreach projects.

Winning On Wall Street Kickoff. Learning has never been this much fun! This half-day introductory Winning On Wall Street program is as the kids say "IT'S ALL GOOD." Presented in a "Pep Rally" type atmosphere this program has students literally coming to their feet with excitement! Students are introduced to basic financial life skills, personal money management and financial markets in a way that helps them understand the need for better math, reading & writing skills. Financial Whiz Kids Challenge and Competition are preparing to meet the financial challenges of life! This training system is designed to enhance students competitive skills while teaching them exactly what it takes to succeed!

Young Investor Clubs. prepares the next generation of investors and financial leaders. This comprehensive training program incorporates online/face to face workshops and summer camps designed to teach youth about the world of financial markets.

Young Analyst Clubs. Which industry is on the rise? What's the latest information that could see a company soar or decline? These are just a couple of questions that a FICA Young Analyst learns to answer. The Young Analyst training program consists of 10 Advance Financial Intelligence Training (AFIT) workshops designed to enhance the fundamental and technical analytical skills of YAC members.

Young Executive Clubs. Ethics, Integrity, Leadershipare just a few of the sessions that YEC members will enjoy during Young Executive Club Training workshops. Each workshop is designed to prepare the next generation of America's, CFO's, CEO's, Presidents and Board of Directors. Students will review the successes and failures of some of America's top companies.

Young Internationals Clubs. Combines international business, finance, and tours to provide members the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the BFIT, AFIT & EFIT training curriculums.

The Future Investors Stock Exchange (FISE). is a major part of the Future Investor Clubs of America training strategy. FISE allows students to learn first hand just how financial markets work around the world. FISE incorporates the highly popular Stock Market Simulation Competitions, Worldwide Stock Exchanges, Commodity Markets, including superior Software and Curriculum. In addition the Future Investors Stock Exchange helps to introduce students to Bond and Currency Markets as well as Mutual Funds and Financial News. FISE also adheres to the philosophy that in order for young people to become successful financially, it is equally important for them to begin learning and practicing wealth strategies at the youngest possible age and that “building wealth takes practice.”

Financial Leadership Training Tours. Provides members the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the FICA financial and business intelligence training curriculums. FICA Financial Leadership Training & Tours has three main objectives, they are: expose members to financial markets throughout the world; provide members business, financial leadership training needed to help members succeed; and provide a fun, exciting and informative environment that makes each leadership training session and tour a positive memorable experience. FICA Financial Leadership Training & Tours are carefully designed to include both a National as well as International learning experience. FICA Individual Members, Clubs, Chapters & Centers are all encouraged to include FICA Financial Leadership Training & Tours as an integral component of their training strategy.

FICA's Individual Members, Clubs, Chapters & Centers All subscribers are encouraged to include one or more of the IFIT Financial Leadership Training Tours as an integral component of their training strategy.



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