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Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. http://www.futureinvestorclubs.com has designed a system to provide individuals, schools and groups with the tools needed to establish a comprehen

FICA Whiz Kids and Teens E-school http://www.ficaeschool.com, The Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School incorporates professionally developed curriculum; high tech audio; fun engaging financial games; strategic lesson plans; the latest online internet software as a service technology; collaborative education web links; financial aptitude quizzes; interactive worksheets; animation and educational video's designed to keep students motivated to learn.

The Financial Literacy News Network http://www.financialliteracynews.com is designed to provide students, parents and teachers the latest news

FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps http://www.ficacamps.com, are Fun, Exciting and Informative! These three terms sum up the FICA summer camps.

Young Investor Clubs Network http://www.younginvestorclubs.com provides parents, students and teachers with access to the necessary financial education training applications required to become successful.

FICA TV http://www.ficatv.com, founded in 2008, is the primary media source for Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc., Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps, Winning On Wall Street Kickoffs, Testimonials, financial education videos, promotions and other important training programs.

FICA Radio Network http://www.ficaradio.com, founded in 2008, initially started as a online media source for individuals searching for money and financial talk radio.

Winning On Wall Street Kickoffs. http://www.wallstreetkickoff.com Learning has never been this much fun! This half-day introductory FICA Winning On Wall Street Kickoff training program is as the kids say "IT'S ALL GOOD." Presented in a "Pep Rally" type atmosphere this program has students literally coming to their feet with excitement!

The Future Investors Stock Exchange (FISE) http://www.fisenet.com, is a major part of the Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. financial education youth training strategy.

FICASOFT http://www.ficasoft.com, is a Software As A Service, Cloud Development company that specializes in financial education software and e-learning training applications.

Young Investors Kits, Tool Boxes and Packs http://futureinvestorsclub.com/toolkit/index-toolkit.cfm, online e-learning system contains a comprehensive training professionally designed curriculum, lesson plans, links, audio, quizzes, worksheets, video's and more.

FICA Financial Leadership Training & Tour (FLTT) http://www.futureinvestorsclub.com/index-fltours.cfm, program are designed to introduce students to several subject areas in order to prepare them to have a broad knowledge in the field of international business, finance and leadership.

FICAWEAR Financial Apparel and our Promotional http://www.ficawear.com, brands, provides individuals, campers, clubs, chapters and centers with a unique look that will turn heads around the world.

FICA Books, Materials and Technology http://www.ficabooks.com, is a division of Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc., was Founded in 1997 and created as a book distribution company targeted to the full spectrum of the investment arena - from youth, individual investors and financial advisors to professional traders.

FICA Kids, Teens & Young Adult Club Memberships. http://www.ficaclubs.com, FICA Members, Clubs, Chapters and Center affiliates can choose to participate in one or more of the FICA Special Training Programs being held throughout the year.

FICACONNECT http://www.ficaconnect.com, is a division of Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. and was created as the primary payment portal for all our products and service offerings. FICA Clubs, Chapters, Centers and Individual memberships are all connected here.

Kids and Teens 99 Ways To Earn Xtra Cash, http://www.futureinvestorsclub.com/index-99ways.cfm. Kids & Teens 99 Ways To Earn Xtra Cash is designed to provide students the information needed to help them find ways generate income. The 99 Ways To Earn Xtra Cash is our “Earn & Learn web portal that is setup into five main categories.

Mantis Money and Math http://www.futureinvestorsclub.com/index-moneymath.cfm Many individuals balance a checkbook, and have no understanding of basic concepts involved with earning, spending, saving, and investing.



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